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We're all a little Madd here!


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I am a single parent with 2 boys. I thought this would be fun to get into as I like writing stories and I want to meet new people. I was hooked on Heroes before the show even started and have been ever since, even when the show's stumbled. I'm a homebody and don't go out that much, but I still have fun. I have a rather large movie collection (very eclectic too) and love to play video games (*gasp* A female gamer, stop the presses!) and am a geek at heart. I also love trivia and have some really odd bits of knowledge tucked away.

My layout is made by scholarslayouts with some color changes by me.

I also want to thank heroes_faves for the Badfic Challenge and for everyone that voted for me. I'm not sure if these are compliments or insults. *wink*



And because I'm uber excited to have finally won something.

Slash Awards - Winter 2009

And because pyjamagurl is the most awesome friend in the world...

Sylar - Angels and Demons Peter - Angels and Demons