Mad Hatter - We're All Mad Here


I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  2,612 today and I'm all done!!!!!  I think I have another 30k for the book to be totally done but I'm taking a few days off (I have Jared's play all weekend, so I wouldn't be able to write anyway) and then I'm going to write something else for a bit, I just don't know what. :D

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Head Desk


I was hoping to have written 2000 today but I was running around so much and I was tired by the time I got home so I only managed 1,045.  That's still good and I'll still make it since I don't have any real running to do the next few days. :D

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Zach-Jack-Sendhil-Milo WTF


Another 2,030 down tonight!  I'm going to make it, I'm too damn close not to!  I only have 3,443 left to go so I should be done in 2 days!  *dances in the rain*

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Killer Plot Bunnies


I'm on the home stretch!  I'm going to make it, I'm not going to let myself not make it. :D  These last few chapters might be shit but I can tweak it all after the book is done!  *happy dance*

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Hell restraining order


I didn't write yesterday because of Thanksgiving and we also had Christmas with my folks.  I got some nice prezzies tho!

I was supposed to make up for it today but I got distracted by friends on AIM, so I'll have to try and make it up tomorrow. However, I did manage 1700 words tonight. (ok, tech 1699 but come on! LOL)

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Petlar - Need


DAMN YOU AHS, DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!  I was doing so good on my writing and then I watched you and you totally fucked with my head and I could barely get any more words out after you.  *headdesk*  And I have to write extra Friday to make up for being gone all day tomorrow (Thanksgiving AND Christmas with the folks).

At least I did 2001 (yes, that made me giggle for some reason), so that's good.  I just need to keep writing and I'll make it!

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Head Desk


*sigh*  I was supposed to write double tonight, I was going to write earlier.  But then and unfortunate series of events (to quote Lemony Snicket) caused that to go to hell.  I will have to make up for it tomorrow.  At least Jared's done with school for the week and there's no play practice to muck things up.  I so can't wait until that's done.

I did manage 1,737 tonight, despite the mess.  I'll just have to write more tomorrow.  :)

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